About the mirRoR team

Brian and Kathy on conference table

If you love building things, you probably love Ruby on Rails. That’s how it started for us. Our small dev shop began using Rails shortly after its extraction from Basecamp and we haven’t looked back.

Rails didn’t just help us build better web apps, it introduced us to the most welcoming and nourishing developer community we’ve experienced. Since everyone using the framework is relatively new to it, yet comes from diverse technical backgrounds and abilities, a genuine camaraderie has developed that we’re proud to be a part of. Rails is a modern-day melting pot of technologists and makers.

We like to say we’re “developers helping other developers,” but the great thing about the Rails community is that we’re not the only ones. In fact, “developers helping developers” may be as appropriate a tagline for the framework as “web development that doesn’t hurt.” Rails developers generously mentor and recruit new coders every day.

And Rails developers are in demand! In the last few years, more and more of the startups we work with have selected Ruby on Rails as their development framework. We started mirRoR to help connect Rails developers with these agile startups.

We hate recruiters for the same reasons you do (remember, we’re developers ourselves), but we thought the Rails community would support a service that did things differently for both startups and developers. And it has--thank you! Since 2006 we’ve helped match hundreds of developers with exciting startups. We’ve met some great people and had the opportunity to contribute to some amazing ideas.

And we’d like to meet you too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you find us a great Java, C, Python, etc developer?

    At this time, our sole focus is placing Ruby on Rails developers. We believe in doing one thing very well, rather than trying to be everything to everyone.

  • I’m a Java, C, Python, etc ninja. Can you help me find a job?

    Yes! While we only place developers into positions with a Ruby on Rails focus, some of our clients specifically request to see talented developers of any language, knowing that such people can often pick up RoR quickly and happily. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to get started first.

  • How do you find candidates?

    As our own agile web development shop, we are actively involved in the growing RoR community. As technologists, we rely on blogs, social networks, and especially publicly-available code and projects. We NEVER use monster, dice, or ANY other resume service/database. All our developers are from our own contacts and direct recruitment.

  • How do you evaluate candidates?

    We use a variety of methods to review Ruby on Rails developers. Oftentimes we rely on publicly available information from the RoR landscape, including blog posts, past projects, and open source developments to gauge a candidate’s level of expertise. Job seekers will regularly speak to members of our internal rails team. At the client’s request, we’ll have candidates navigate a “RoR obstacle course” that we’ve based on technology from Amazon’s EC2 service. Of course, finding a personality match is important too.

  • How do I place a job order?

    Head over to the Employers page and complete our graphical job order form.

  • I am a Rails developer looking for work. How can you help?

    We’d like to meet you. Please start an IM conversation with Brian or Kathy, or fill out our developer form. You’ll benefit from a brief conversation about what we’re seeing for salary and opportunities in your area. Even if you’re not actively looking now, this can be helpful data for you once you decide to make a move.

  • mirRoR?

    Our name encapsulates our one goal—to identify talented RoR developers whose abilities mirror the needs of our clients.

The mirRoR Team

Team mirRoR: Donna, Tom, Rodney, Ron, Evan, Jon, Brian, Kathy, Fred, and Forrest

What our clients say:

“Recruiters tend to treat developers as a commodity; they're about packaging us for what best suits their ends rather than our needs. Brian shatters this mold. Not only is he well versed in the specifics of Rails that are important to both you and the companies looking for developers, but he's only after what suits everyone. When we first spoke, he asked me to give him a week, and before the week was out I was interviewing with half a dozen companies that met my exact requirements 1500 miles away from me. When the process came to fruition, it was a win/win for both myself and my current employer.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Jonathan Barket

“Brian was great to work with. I told him what ADS was looking for in a new employee and he brought us Chris, who has exceeded all of our expectations. If you need help finding qualified people and not be pressured, then definitely speak with Brian.”

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity

Robert Dempsey

“Hi Brian! I just wanted to let you know that things are going great, and I'm really happy about this job you placed me in. Rock on!”

Mike Mayo

“By the way, I really do appreciate all of your help and encouragement throughout this process. Really you were a pleasure to deal with, unlike a lot of people that I was dealing with (i.e. HR, recruiters, etc).”

Haris Amin

“I've worked with mirRoR and Brian Mariani since 2007, I consider him an agent of grace and respectability - he has made a difference in my livelyhood. I love mirRoR for the courtesy and quality interactions that we've had - not to mention the smoothness and speed. I don't expect a guaranteed job with mirRoR - but I know can rely on great service and an excellent round of opportunity.”

Curtis Jennings Schofield

“Brian [mirRoR principal] was honest, communicative and hardworking which is something truly hard to find in a recruiter.”

Topper Bowers

“MirRoR Placement helped me find an exciting job working with fun, smart people. Using other job sites was like trying to drink from a fire hose, but mirRoR made the process easier by matching me with high-quality positions.”

Aaron Suggs

“We have been working with mirRoR placement for a couple of months, and in that time they have been great, sending us several qualified candidates that we would never have found on our own. It's a rough hiring market out there, we spent a couple of months on our own with little success. mirRoR has been a big help.”

Peter Stern

“My previous dealings with headhunters haven't been good. They're very pushy and don't care much about the candidates or even their clients. Just about all of them don't even bother reading your resume or they're illiterate. Having said that, I found someone that is just the opposite of what I've been dealt with. Funny thing is, I wasn't even looking that aggressively. Brian Mariani of mirRorPlacement.com is a pleasant surprise in a field that is filled with scums. He actually read my resume, saw my websites, and took his time to discuss potential opportunities with both his clients and me. He also listened, a rare trait in modern day recruiters. I highly recommend mirRorPlacement.com if you're a Rubyhead/Railshead and want to venture out. You'll be pleasantly surprised. If you're interested in hiring a Rubyhead, contact Brian.”

Joon You

“We get a lot of great resumes from a lot of capable technical recruiters, but somehow, practically every time we hire an engineer, it’s through Ruby on Rails specialist Brian Mariani bringing us a candidate with whom he distinctively clicked, and insightfully and persuasively mapped towards us as a good fit.”

Seth Kenvin