mirRoR Brain: See if we know you!

mirRoR Brain

What is the mirRoR Brain?

mirRoR Brain is our internally developed tool for keeping track of the growing number of Rails developers participating in our community.

We built it ourselves (in Rails of course) a few years ago when we realized that traditional recruiting software didn’t fit the non-traditional way we do things at mirRoR.

So go ahead, search the Brain to see if we know you!

How it works:

  • Each Rails developer we discover has a record in the system, and we update it as careers, capabilities, and connections change. We’ve really come to rely on mirRoR Brain over the last few years, and it permanently occupies secondary displays connected to Brian and Kathy's MacBooks.
  • Today, mirRoR Brain contains information on over 15,000 Ruby on Rails developers. It has helped us make hundreds of successful matches between developers and startups. We also enjoy coming up with new ways of sharing subsets of our internal data in interesting ways. Our mirRoR Index aggregates some of our data to track the health of the Rails community.
  • We’re opening up mirRoR Brain for developers to check and see if we know them. Simply type your name in the box above and mirRoR Brain will tell you if we already know about you (and if we don’t, it’ll give you an opportunity to add yourself).

Also, thanks to Tyler Rick for the handy nickname library that enables mirRoR Brain to know William, Bill, and Billy are the same guy!