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Brian Mariani

Connections Welcome

We started as Rails programmers ourselves (and still develop web and mobile apps). This background and network help us identify quality developers within the Rails community.

Ruby on Rails is our one and ONLY specialty - it's all we know, love, and do.

In fact, we built a custom Rails app to keep track of the 10,000+ members of the Rails community we've interacted and collaborated with over the years.

Let's chat!

Here are some things that we do differently:

No blind resumes/developers. This just makes sense. We do business with people we trust. It's never efficient to hide the identity of developers, especially when that identity can add context and connections that help in a developer evaluation.

We can be as involved or uninvolved as you want. Some of our clients want us to handle all developer interaction outside of the interview, including technical evaluation, salary negotiation, and offer execution. Others prefer that we disappear once an introduction has been made. Either, or anything in between, has worked and is fine.

No hidden opportunities for developers. We are entirely open with our developers about the opportunities we represent. How else to gauge their level of aptitude and interest in an opportunity?

We're well worth the cost. Our service has considerably more overhead than traditional recruiting, so we'll likely be on the high end of contingency fees you'll see (we believe this is worth it for the right developer). However, we have a variety of payment options that rarely makes cost a determining factor in our engagements.

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Recruiting Agreement

We believe a pay-for-performance model provides Ruby on Rails employers with the best value. You pay only when you hire one of our developers. Therefore, our fee is based on a fraction of a developer's annual salary (including any guarantees or upfront bonuses). Our fee shall be deemed earned on any developer referred to you by mirRoR Placement that you hire within one year of the original referral.

Fee: 30 percent of annual salary (including any guarantees or upfront bonuses)
Payment: Net 10 from developer’s start date.
If payment extends past 10 days, the guarantee will be null and void.
Guarantee: If within 100 days of the start date, the developer's employment terminates for any reason other than reorganization, elimination of position, takeover, or material change in job responsibility, mirRoR will refund a pro-rated portion of the fee paid. (1% per day remaining on the 100 day guarantee period)

We are eager to begin working together and look forward to presenting you with outstanding Rails talent.

I/We agree to the terms of the mirRoR Placement Recruiting Agreement:

Monday, October 20, 2014

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