How do we find great Web & Mobile developers?
Our secret: we already know them

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75,000+ web and mobile engineers have been in touch with us over the years.
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Over 1,000 opportunities represented since 2006.
4 DAYS is the average time from sign-up to first-round interview.

We're makers too

We know how hard it is to find great developers to add to the team. Most of them already have jobs and aren’t looking!

Try this instead:

  • Technically vetted candidates (we’re a dev shop too)
  • Resumes with real names on them
  • Candidates who are interested in and qualified for your job

Bonus: we know so many senior developers in some cities, we can often introduce you to someone we think will be a great match in only a day or two. Don’t waste your time slogging through piles of resumes from people with uncertain skill sets or competing over a pool of people who may not fit your culture. Instead, get busy building.


Why us?

We started as developers,
and our dev team is going strong–currently cranking on more than 20 Rails and around 10 iOS projects for clients. So, we know the difference between TDD and BDD. We understand that you don’t want to meet devs who hate pair programming for your Agile startup shop. We know what makes great dev teams work, because we’ve got one too.


How do we find great devs?

We already know them.
We've been doing this since 2006, so we’ve met and keep in touch with thousands of devs. Some tell us things like, “I’m not looking to change, but if a CTO spot comes around in the healthcare space, let me know.” Everyone’s got something on their career wish-list. We’ll introduce you to the engineers who have been waiting for an opportunity just like yours.



We’re driven by data.
Most really good engineers aren’t out looking for jobs. Our proprietary big data tools enable us to identify and vet high-quality candidates who’d never otherwise hear about your job. We reach out to the few who might be a great fit and talk to them–transparently–about your business and your needs.

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Our fee is 30% of the annual salary (including any guarantees or upfront bonuses) of each developer you hire. You pay us within 10 days of the start date. Everyone lives happily ever after. But if not, we’ve got a rarely-used refund plan to get you a prorated portion of your fee back during the first 100 days your new dev is on the job.

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  Terms and Conditions

We believe a pay-for-performance model provides Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android & Python employers with the best value. You pay only when you hire one of our developers. Therefore, our fee is based on a fraction of a developer's annual salary (including any guarantees or upfront bonuses). Our fee shall be deemed earned on any developer referred to you by Mirror Placement that you hire within one year of the original referral.

Three simple terms

Fee: 30 Percent of annual salary (including any guarantees or upfront bonuses)

Payment: Net 10 from developer’s start date. If payment extends past 10 days, the guarantee will be null and void.

Guarantee: If within 100 days of the start date, the developer's employment terminates for any reason other than reorganization, elimination of position, takeover, or material change in job responsibility, Mirror will refund a pro-rated portion of the fee paid. (1% per day remaining on the 100 day guarantee period)

We are eager to begin working together and look forward to presenting you with outstanding Rails, iOS, Android & Python developers.

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